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September 30, 2009


I've had multiple family members who have had cancer and a handful of the women from both my husband's family and mine have had difficult times because of breast cancer. They are all incredibly strong women and I love them dearly.

Beautiful pictures! It makes me want to search through and find all the pink I can. I'm loving the Chateau Lamp! It's stunning.

We are all sort of borrowing your gig here, posting pink, but thanks for dedicating to the cause today.

Very creative and interesting work. Thanks for sharing. Marsha in Houston

Beautiful and generous. I am probably an exception, having very little direct experience with breast cancer (its colon cancer in my family). But am so happy for all the women who have battled it gracefully. Such inspiring pictures:)

That capelet is beautiful! May your friend continue to do well with her attitude and healing.

Hi! I'd love to win the caplet as a gift for my sister-in-law.

I adore the pink glass vases! That link takes me to Kim's flickr though. I'm going to look for those.

Hi again! I found them! Too expensive for me. Darn. They sure are beautiful.

What a gorgeous capelet! I don't currently have one, and this would go perfect with lots of my wardrobe
(and it'd be cool to have something new!).

Absolutely beautiful. I hope I win!

Two of my grandmothers have suffered from cancer, one still living had a breast removed, the other, unfortunately, had lung and brain and passed when I was eleven.

I'm so glad we have an entire month to publicly encourage something that could have been relegated to taboo, and never talked about.

Sending your friend and all other women who might be plagued with something without a cure, good vibes and well wishes!

And YAY for giveaways that bring attention to a good cause!!!

Beautiful capelet - will you be posting or selling the pattern?

I wish your friend continued success in her recovery.

I am having computer trouble so if multiple comments appear from me - I'm sorry.

Awwww, you're so sweet for doing this giveaway...and using a pic of my bedroom. :) The capelet is SO pretty. (Sorry to hear about your friend. :( )

Thanks for supporting the cause! My grandmother also had a double radical mastectomy and went through two rounds of chemo for her breast cancer.

I am having computer trouble so if multiple comments appear from me - I'm sorry. nice posting i enjoy it

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